Deda Club

Deda Club

Welcome to the new DEDA restaurant club – Called DEDA’s Friend

You accumulate money (not points, stars or any other slogan) directly to your personal card and enjoy various benefits and uniqueness that suit you.

Our club includes a package of basic benefits and a variable benefit.

Your journey includes:

On the first day – register and enjoy!

You get an instant bonus at the registration time:
Dessert and hot drinks as a gift
Earn 50 NIS for the next time

All this so you can start the journey with something sweet.

Choose your special day, what does it mean? Choose the day you want to celebrate (every day you want!) Enter the date and the special date and we will take care to spoil you properly.

Do not think we’ve forgotten, you can also choose your birthday date (everyone loves his birthday)and get a special treat too.

On the second, third, and final day
Accumulate 6% on every purchase
Unique Business Lunch to friends
Monthly and variable benefit from DEDA